My goal is that you will once again be able wake up passionate about what you do and truly understand WHY you are doing it!
— Clint LahamJr

Most businesses will hire a professional photographer and then pass those images off to their marketing departments. You want to know how many salons and barber shops I have worked with that have a marketing dept? The answer is simple, its zero. The marketing dept is you! That's why I have decided to take the art of photography a step further in developing a thorough understanding of the Salon and Barbershop industry so we can create a truly dynamic marketing strategy just for you; like your favorite tailor, it should all fit just right. 

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, then travel together" - United State Marine Corps. So lets travel together to create longevity in your business. You can start by getting a FREE copy of my eBook, "Taking Smart Phone Photos Like a Pro"

Feel that you have a good handle on traditional marketing but need some one to tackle the monster that is Social Media Marketing? Email me now to set up your FREE 1hr consultation to see how I can get you on the social media fast track;